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Rose Max | Brazilian Singer

Bossa Nova Sinfonico & TOCA Culture:

Resounding Success in Havana

by Robson Coccaro, President of TOCA Culture

The sun had not risen on the morning of May 11th when Robson Coccaro, President of TOCA Culture, was already being interviewed by Univision Television Network at Miami International Airport about the upcoming performance of Bossa Nova Sinfónico in Havana. The interview session culminated with an impromptu rendition of Girl from Ipanema by vocalist Rose Max to the delight of the airport staff, the press and dozens of travelers who broke into applause.

Bossa Nova Sinfónico is an ode to Brazilian music, an homage to the legendary Antonio Carlos Jobim, one of the 20th-century’s most admired composers. It features the classic Brazilian jazz quintet format in tandem with a symphonic orchestra. The glorious sounds of Jobim’s compositions come to life through the voice of Rose Max, accompanied by Ramatis Moraes (guitar), Mike Orta (piano), Carlomagno Araya (drums) and Jamie Ousley (bass), all under the direction of conductor Jeremy Fox. The project has been presented in Costa Rica and Mexico, was nominated for a Latin Grammy, and received the Brazilian Press Award for Album of the Year.

Bossa Nova Sinfónico was selected to perform at the Inaugural Gala of Cuba Disco 2016, Cuba’s premier music industry event, which was celebrating its 20th anniversary. As we approached the theater for our first rehearsal, TOCA’s staff had been prepped by our Cuban counterparts for a simple session without much expectation. But as the first chord made its way through the theater halls, everyone sensed that the concert would be a success.

The cultural immersion of TOCA Culture’s entourage of artists and VIP sponsor guests began as soon as we arrived in Havana. The group seemed overwhelmed by by the colors, textures, sounds, and architecture of the city, a grand old dame that has been given a second chance to shine. Our first stop was the classic Café del Oriente in San Francisco Square. It was a time to take in the city’s vibe and get ready for an unforgettable four-day musical journey.

One of the most emotional moments came during the first rehearsal when both the orchestra and the quintet realized they were a perfect fit. Everything was fluid. Maestro…follow this link to read more – Toca Events, by Robson Coccaro, President of TOCA Culture